Wednesday, April 30, 2008

a problem that relates to all of us

To all the college students who read this blog: are you tired of paying the typical deposit for a tap when you purchase kegs? Its a bit rediculous when you think about it. Even though you get the money back, sometimes you just dont want to have to fork over the money. If you dont mind having to pay for a tap then thats your porogative, but as we all know sometimes the taps that the liqour stores give out can be, shall we say; sub par. So i did some research and found a site that sells taps. This site sells not only taps but also kegerators. Kegerators not only keep your beer cold, but if you have a Co2 tap connected, you'll never have to worry about flat beer the next day. Take my advice and spend a few extra dollars; invest in a tap and or a kegerator.

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BradT728 said...

I am tired of paying ridiculous prices for the taps to kegs. Thanks for posting about that site. That site is the best VQUZESHUF site I've ever seen.