Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Long Trail

By far my most favorite micro brew is definately Long Trail. This brewery is headquartered in Bridgewater Vermont, which might be the reason i like it so much. I am from Vermont and for years before i turned 21 i past the brewery at least twice a week. When I finally was of legal age I took a trip to the brewery and got to take the tour. It was great, the tour showed the silos of wheat and the tanks where the beer is brewed. At the end of the tour we got to sameple all of the beers that Long trail makes. While we were tasting the ales there was a brewmaster that told the group what was in each beer (hops, wheat, fruit). It was a great experience one that I would recommend to anybody who finds themselves in or around Bridgewater Vermont. Oh and for an even better experience have lunch afterwards at there on site restaurant.

Ryan Campbell

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Crissy1121 said...

I have never heard of long trail before!! can you buy this beer here in CT? Do they have different flavors or types like light? i love to try to new beer as well..let me know more!